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If you live in Meridian and you have an emergency septic or pumping issue, there is no time to delay – you need to call the experienced Meridian septic service and septic tank pumping professionals at ABC Pumping Services. We have been providing 24/7 emergency services for those in the Meridian community for more than three decades, and know how to quickly and effectively resolve even the most disastrous of septic issues. In addition to our emergency services, we also provide standard maintenance and repair services for homeowners and businesses in Meridian and surrounding areas.

We have been working in Meridian and surrounding areas of Idaho for more than 30 years. This means that we are familiar with septic and drainage systems both old and new, and are capable of providing you with the experience and level of skill you are looking for in a pumping services company.

Maintaining & Repairing Drain Fields

A residential drain field is part of a septic system buried beneath the ground. When unfiltered septic water is pumped into the drain field, it can damage or completely ruin your septic system. We repair damaged drain fields and offer septic pumping to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Repairing Irrigation Vaults

An irrigation vault controls the amount of water which flows to your home or yard. Malfunctions in irrigation vaults can cause a loss of pressure or flooding, all of which we can fix and repair.

Cesspool & Septic Tank Pumping Services

Most residences should get their cesspools and septic tanks pumped regularly and no more than two years at a time. Doing so ensures that waste doesn’t clog your entire system, which repairs could be very costly. Our rates are reasonable for regular maintenance, and we are very thorough and quick with our services.

Liquid Waste Hauling

Whether it is sump pump water, septic waste, cesspool management, or more, we will dispose of any liquid waste for you with ease.

Sumps Pumping

We not only pump overflowing sumps, we can also install and maintain sump pumps or lift pumps in your home to manage proper water removal.


24/7 Commercial Septic Services in the Boise and surrounding areas

Car Wash Maintenance

We offer regular pumping services for car washes to maintain their sumps and dispose of greasy and muddy buildup. Our car wash pumping allows you to easily maintain your facility by hauling waste and disposing it for you.

Restaurant Maintenance

Restaurants commonly need pumping services to maintain their grease traps. Waste water can be contaminated if your grease trap is not properly cleaned or maintained regularly.

Odors in Any Drain

Odors usually come from buildup or backup in a drain, either due to a clog or a structural problem in the piping. We have the tools to identify and removes clogs from drains and pipes to eliminate odors in your business.

Alarm Systems on Lift Pumps

A lift pump, also known as a sump pump, removes water from a home or business. The pumps are generally supposed to detect rising water levels and remove excess water from the property, but any time these malfunction or sumps overfill, it can lead to damage or corrosion. We install and maintain alarm systems to detect faulty pumps and unsafe sump water levels to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Grey Water Issues

Grey water refers to wastewater that is not necessarily toxic, but is being recycled and reused in a business. If the water in your pipes is dark or murky, we have the solutions to make it run clear.

Swimming Pools, Ponds, & Hot Tubs

Drainage issues or leaks in pools, ponds, and hot tubs can cause problems for a business, potentially resulting in foul smells or ground erosion (which can threaten the structural foundation of your businesses). You should call us immediately if you detect any problem with your pool, pond, or hot tub or if you suspect any other types of clogging moldy mildew buildup.

What is an ETPS, and Does Mine Need Service?

An ETPS is a compact device placed in the septic tank along with its components; either during initial installation or later. ETPS units such as the FAST Technology from BioMicrobics can provide opportunities with challenging soil conditions or septic system failure.

There are a vast number of homes across Southern Idaho, equipped with an ETPS unit. ABC Pumping recognized the demand for a Certified Service Partner and is honored to be partnered with Bio Microbic®. As a result of this new relationship; we are authorized to complete the Required Annual inspections on ETPS units. ABC Pumping is also the authorized retailer and installer of the FAST® Unit by BioMicrobic®.

For an advanced on-site waste water treatment system, ABC Pumping is The Local Expert.

The Perfect Day in Meridian Exists

Meridian, Idaho, is one of those places with a little something for everyone. Instead of stressing out about finding a place where the family, your sweetheart, and your mentality will benefit, look no further than Meridian!

For The Family

There are plenty of options for family fun right within Meridian! Start at Wahooz Family Fun Zone, where you will find arcade games, mini golf courses, laser tag, and go karts. Good luck finding something you don’t enjoy. And, if the weather is nice, Roaring Springs Water Park is just right next door. Cool off in the wave pool, or test your limits on one of the many rides in the park! For even more family thrills, be sure to check out the Meridian Speedway, too.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a nice, simple park, too. If you’re looking for a jungle gym or a field to play in, check out some of Meridian’s city parks. Settlers Park includes a disc golf course, playground equipment, tennis courts, and other ball fields. Storey Park is perfect for picnics and play time, while Julius M. Kleiner Park is often host to events and community activities! (More parks can be found on the City of Meridian’s website.)

For Date Night

The perfect date night has to begin at the Village! The outdoor mall space is host to so much more than your favorite shops. It also includes a wine bar, several restaurants, a dessert and candy shop, and a movie theater! Check out a show and then swing by your favorite restaurant for food or dessert. Depending on the time of year you go, you may find an ice skating rink or a concert, too!

Downtown Meridian is no schlub either! Eight Thirty Common is a great place for dinner, cocktails, or brunch. Together, Heritage Hop Haus and Sushi Shack combine the best of beer and sushi, while there are a few local breweries near downtown that you could try, too. Ram Restaurant & Brewery and Loose Screw Beer Co. are great for a date night drink!

Just For You

Sometimes, you just need a moment to yourself. Meridian has just what you need for that, too!

Start your day with some coffee at Black Rock Coffee Bar or Deja Brew Laugh a Latte. Then, find your next great read at Half Price Books, The Collector’s Outpost, or Bent Corners Used Books. You could even trade in some of your favorite reads, so others can enjoy them, too!

Finally, relax at a local spa. Casa Bella Salon & Spa is a great place for hair, skin, and nail care, while Elements Massage can work out all those kinks. We promise you will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

Find Your Perfect Day in Meridian

After serving Meridian for as long as we have, we have come to love this region and all it has to offer. It is our privilege to give back. If we can help your family with our services, please call us today.

We provide essential maintenance to all customers!


We believe it is important to support organizations and companies working to make a positive impact in our industry and community. We pride ourselves on using the best products, from proven vendors, and reputable practices to grow as a business focused on providing premium service. The Honest and Ethical Service that we provide wouldn’t be possible without the Industry Partners and Client Relationships we’ve been fostering across Southern Idaho, since 1948.

Thank you for being a part of our growth and trusting ABC Septic with your pumping challenges.


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