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What is an ETPS, and Does Mine Need Service?

An ETPS is a compact device placed in the septic tank along with its components; either during initial installation or later. ETPS units such as the FAST Technology from BioMicrobics can provide opportunities with challenging soil conditions or septic system failure.

There are a vast number of homes across Southern Idaho, equipped with an ETPS unit. ABC Pumping recognized the demand for a Certified Service Partner and is honored to be partnered with Bio Microbic®. As a result of this new relationship; we are authorized to complete the Required Annual inspections on ETPS units. ABC Pumping is also the authorized retailer and installer of the FAST® Unit by BioMicrobic®.

For an advanced on-site waste water treatment system, ABC Pumping is The Local Expert.

ABC Pumping is Southern Idaho’s Certified BioMicrobics Service Provider

Septic Systems throughout Southern Idaho contain an ETPS, or Extended Treatment Package System. The purpose of the system is to provide an enhanced level of treatment, when the traditional system has failed or would otherwise be incapable of adequately treating the effluent. The use of FAST® Systems Technology by BioMicrobics® will solve most onsite wastewater treatment issues. ABC Pumping has partnered with BioMicrobics FAST Systems to bring quality ETPS Products and Certified Service to our neighbors across Southern Idaho.

Environmentally Responsible Waste-Water Solutions

BioMicrobics is an International Provider of certified and proven treatment technologies. BioMicrobics is the manufacturer of innovative water treatment systems that provide unique solutions for everything from homes to small communities or commercial properties. ABC Pumping is your local source for the BioMicrobics FAST Systems installation, annual inspections and service. The Septic System Permit Process in Idaho requires annual effluent monitoring when an ETPS install is needed. ABC Pumping is your local, qualified, certified, and registered resource for an ETPS unit.

Keeping Idaho Green

Perhaps the most valuable utilization of an ETPS in Idaho is the ability to install a septic system on land that would otherwise not be suitable for a Traditional System. The ETPS affords us opportunities to develop a parcel with an on site treatment plant, regardless of most soil conditions or water levels. Due to varying factors an ETPS may be required to install a new septic system. ETPS installation is monitored by the Department of Environmental Quality, who issues their own rules and requirements.


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